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Services for members

You are part of the protection and prevention service of your company and want a proper support for your profession? you are a RSPP and you need to be up to date on legislative technical innovations? Become an associate and you will have the best suite of services dedicated to the security sector and specific environment healthy for your profession.

Our website has been completely redesigned and renovated, and now allows a thorough consultation.


AIAS offers a wide range of services for its members and included in the membership fee.

  •  Free insurance coverage
    AIAS has signed an agreement with the insurance broker Paul Judges to offer insurance coverage for legal fees, judgments and expert opinions in the case of involvement in criminal level.
  • RC custom policy
    You also can request a customized policy at favorable prices for Professional RC-party liability taken with one of the brokers selected from those available.
  • accident policy facilitated
    The agreements with Coverall Insurance Broker allows us to offer their members the opportunity to request at a discounted price of a policy to protect themselves from risks related to injuries.
  • critical illness insurance
    the supplementary insurance offered by Paolo Giudici allows, at a discounted price, payment of the sum insured in case of an outbreak of a serious disease.
  • Integrative health coverage
    As a national association Confcommercio category NAIAS gives you the opportunity to take out a supplementary health coverage at favorable prices.
  • AIASRisponde
    The service allows members to fill in a form to send an questions and get, in a short time, answers to professional / regulatory questions from our experts from the Scientific Committee AIAS.
  • the networkaias discounts
    The strength of networkaias is the interconnection between its structures; For this reason the members can enjoy special discounts on the purchase of publishing products (electronic or paper), of AIAS ACADEMY courses and third party certification of AIAS Cert.
  • List of qualified professionals AIAS (L 4/2013)
    According to the Law n. 4/2013 (Law on professions not organized into Orders or Colleges), AIAS can issue to their members (subject to the possession of specific requirements), a “Certificate of Professional quality of the services rendered.”
    Shareholders in possession of such requirements, are inserted into specific lists Professional and receive a certificate of professional quality.
  • Job Safety – Health – Environment
    Anyone can request to publish on our website and send via email to networkaias alert for activities related to Safety, Health and Environment. Requests will be sent exclusively to members.
  • legal network
    the association offers a consulting service and legal assistance specializing in labor law, present throughout the national territory and to preferential tariff.
  • Protecting trade union and social security
    As a national association Confcommercio category, AIAS gives the opportunity to its members to use CONFCOMMERCIO support services, trade union protection and operational support (CAF, payroll service, subsidized loans).
  • Services “companies for Italy” Confcommercio Union
    Thanks to accession by AIAS trade associations of the Union of Commerce of Milan, our associates, residents in the provinces of Milan, Lodi, Monza and Brianza who request it, can take advantage of a range of specific services and useful opportunity to carrying out its work.
  • informatore AIAS
    the official technical book of networkAIAS in digital format on health and safety in the places of life and work that is sent to all members via email.
  • facilitated financial assistance
    AIAS allows you to take advantage of countless subsidized credit opportunities, in accordance with all federal, national and EU, on which AIAS itself offers a specialist support (for banking services as demand for loans, overdrafts, personal loans, etc.).
  • APC and CTS
    The exchange of experiences among professionals is the basis of professional improvement; why AIAS pushes and encourages the inclusion (free) of the members in the AIAS Professional Community (APC) that form the basis of the Scientific and Technical Committee (STC).
    Regular meetings of the members are the main associated motor for the development of technical documents, training courses, services, products and all the networkaias offers its members.
  • Download conference proceedings
    AIAS organizes every year on the territory more than 70 events / year. Our speakers of Conferences, Seminars and Technical Meetings bring the slides for all members in good standing at your disposal.

Finally, all members can enjoy discounts for the services offered to the networkaias service companies.

  • AIAS ACADEMY Srl offers to our members discounts on both the catalog courses both on the update seminars held on-site or by e-learning.
  • AIAS Cert Srl: offering to our members discounts on their calls for third party certification.


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