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End user’s Protection Desk

Do you have a dispute with one of our members? Contact the User’s Protection Desk

The Consumer Desk provides information, assistance and protection to end-users and consumers of the services offered by our associates in accordance with the consumer protection safeguards in pursuance of art. 2 of the Law of 14 January 2013, n. 4, providing a direct communication channel for unsolicited complaints between associate and client and requests for information.

The Counselor provides information on consumer rights, dispute resolution and guarantees all necessary assistance for requests.

The Desk, obtained the necessary additional information from the interested parties, will provide the necessary information for solving the problems complained of.

Consumers Associations, End-of-Life Associates, and end-user delegated professionals are required to file a complaint solely through this Desk.



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Below are attached the institutional documents to enhance the skills of the associates and to ensure the respect of the professional ethics provided by art. 2 of the Law of 14 January 2013, n. 4

Constitutive Act
Ethical code
Deontological Code
Associative regulations
Consumption code
Quality manual
Documents are updated to the latest version.


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