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NetworkAIAS: the advantages of belonging

The NetworkAIAS is the most important Italian technical scientific professional community. These professionals deal with safety, health and environment in work and living places.

Be part of NetworkAIAS allows you  to constantly use the most advanced information and communication media of this sector. The NetworkAIAS is composed of AIAS, the Association, AIAS Academy, the service company and AIAS CERT, the institution of voluntary certification of professionals.




The purpose of the Association is spreading and establishing a culture of Safety in work and living places.

In fact, since the birth of AIAS, our statutory goals have always been:

  1. training and professional update
  2. protection and professional regulations,
  3. collaboration with companies and organizations for preventing problems of accidents, fires and occupational hygiene.

If you want to deepen laws:


AIAS is composed of:

  • AIAS Professional Comunity (APC): internal community to AIAS for the development of services for the public and for aggregating the development of professionals
  • Technical Scientific Committee (CTS): CTS develops technical documents to its membership, provides answers to many questions of the Members through the free service AIASRIPONDE and designs, builds and innovative training courses for AIAS Academy.
  • Territorial offices: AIAS is present throughout the national territory with 20 regional and provincial offices over 100 locations; to improve coordination of territorial offices were established “Macro Areas” AIAS.


As a national trade association, joined in various ways to CONFCOMMERCIO::

  • As a professional association, it is part of Confcommercio Professions National Coordination;
  • It is part of Imprese per l’Italia


AIAS is recognized by the Ministry of Economic Development as a professional association; pursuant to Law No. 4/2013 this recognition allows AIAS to release a certificate of professional quality to its members who request it.

CONF. Imprese per l'italia


From 2016 AIAS adheres to ASviS (Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development). AIAS is a member of UNI and CEI.


It has formal agreements with FEDERCHIMICA, UMAN and IPAF


It adheres to the CIIP (See Italian Interassociativa Prevention) and CIPES (See Interassociativa of Experts of the Security Professionals Association).


At the international level it has been a member of AIAS INSHPO, CFPA-I, ISHCCO, ENSHPO, CFPA-E, the Global Compact and ENETOSH

Global Compact CFPA-E ENETOSH




AIAS Academy promotes and implements educational and professional services activities regarding the prevention of occupational hazards and environmental advantage of a national network of Points AIAS Academy (PAA), and individual professionals with local Qualified Trainer function.

The publishing division of AIAS ACADEMY Srl, publishes and sells books, manuals, software, audiovisual and online courses to provide an authoritative answer, reliable and competent professionals at all our editorial products are guaranteed by the Technical Committees AIAS.

The “AIAS Points ACADEMY” define a network to ensure the design, promotion and joint delivery of information projects and training of excellence throughout the national territory.


AIASCert Srl

AIASCert (ex ICPrev Srl) is an organization of voluntary certification of specialized professionals that through the ACCREDIA accreditation are recognized at European and international level.


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