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AIAS Professional Comunity (APC)

Nasce lo strumento per affermare e valorizzare la professionalità degli associati

The AIAS Professional Community (APC) are professional community related mainly, but not exclusively, to the world of safety, health and environment, created and managed by the members who have a common specification professionalism.

The APC are born within our Association as an application tool of the Law of 14 January 2013 4 on the “unorganized occupations orders or colleges”.

This law is certainly very interesting and opens up new horizons and important awards to those professions that are on the market, but they are not recognized or valued as they should be.

The APC are of Professional Service with the aim of enhancing their professionalism, ensure the quality of services offered to customers and offer new business opportunities.



Objectives of each APC are:

  • Make APC reference professional communities in their Sector.
  • Develop and expand the business opportunities of their components.
  • Promote and enhance the formation of excellence, guaranteed by the rigor of all phases of the training process (from design to knowledge checks and effectiveness).
  • Validate and offer specialized services managed by the members of qualifying.
  • To validate the professional profiles prepared both in Italian surroundings and in the international arena.



the activities of the APC to present AIAS are:

  • That he satisfied the requirements of Professionals and subsequent release of a “certificate of quality and professional qualification of” services rendered (see. Art. 4, paragraph 1, second sentence).
  • Business advice and assistance in various areas relating to Health and Safety at Work and Environment.
  • Professional services in the field of Safety – Health – Environment.
  • Preparation of technical documents.

They are excluded from the Act No. 4/2013 all those professions reserved by law to persons entered in the registers or lists pursuant to art. 2229 of the Civil Code, the health professions and activities and crafts, commercial and public exercise specific regulations.


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